Clay houses – clay plaster

Church of St. Barbara in Bucz, Poland
The farm-museum of Albrecht in Swołowo, Pomorskie district:
Residential building, Pomorskie district:
Stone wall, Casa del vento, Italy:
Residential building, Ustka:
Building from small clay-straw-pulleys, environs of Gdynia:
Residential building, Gliwice:
Residential building, Szemud, in progress:
Fragment of a timber framed wall:
A building from straw bale with our lime elevation and clay plasters:
Lime elevation, Krakow:
Other works made by us:
Our plasters on a bale built building, Warmia:
Our plasters in the environs of Kościerzyna:
Clay plasters, Nowe Miasto:
Clay plasters, Piaseczno:
Lime elevation, Konin: