Clay houses – clay plaster


        Our main activity is to carry out clay plasters with self-produced mortar or from our client’s material.
        We also take on board carrying out timber framed building constructions – we carry out complex work excluding carpentry and roofing services. Visit our picture gallery to see a couple of our projects built this way.
        The scope of our business is:
  • Laying bricks from organic materials (small clay-straw pulleys e.g.)
  • Laying bricks from conventional materials (bricks, different cements etc.)
  • Building houses from straw bales
  • Installation of tiling and terracotta
  • Inside and outside plastering with clay mortar or lime-cement based mortar.
  • Lime plasters (without using cement)
  • Pure lime vapour-permeable elevations (without using cement)
  • Wooden floors and ceilings
  • Renovation of old timber framed cottages
  • Inside plastering of bale built houses
  • Paving
  • Masonry services – stone walls, fencing poles, foundations
  • Chimneys
  • Insulations from straw mats or cork
  • Building partition walls from a wood-straw-clay mix
  • Threshing floors