Clay houses – clay plaster


        Plaster made of clay is pretty heavy, therefore it possesses excellent insulating, thermal and acoustic properties. In winter the plaster keeps the warmth of the room while in summer the room stays cool, and it absorbs sounds.

        As clay plaster is “breathing” it has a favourable influence on the room’s climate. It keeps a humidity that is congenial to the human organism and it absorbs unpleasant odours. These qualities are this plasters superior advantage over conventional lime or cement-based mortals.

        Deciding to cover your walls with clay mortar you’ll obtain much “healthier” rooms free of fungus and mould.

        The plastic properties of clay provide unlimited esthetical possibilities in creating rooms – from rustic country style to modern designs. There are various possibilities to design the mortars structure and it is mixable with many different materials such as wood or ceramics.

        It is also the only mortar that can be used repeatedly: after being made wet its structure can be changed, and after crushing it its ready to be used again.